“Commander Tasi, Captain Zeneli, Sergeant Hitoja, Tetar Aliu, policeman Skënderi, were in constant competition with each other, who invents the most torture …” / Memories of the former prisoner, for “Swamp of Death”!

By Eugjen Merlika                The first part                                                   - VIOLENCE AND DIGNITY -                         ...

Me Teper

“You, my mother, started the suffering in a hut in Shijak, continued it in Grabian, the infamous Tepelena, the prison of Vlora, etc., because you were the young woman of Mustafa Kruja …” / The tragic testimonies of Eugjen Merlika

By Eugjen Merlika                                             THE PAINS OF THE ORPHAN                                   (My mother, instead of crying with laws) A stack...

Me Teper

“The biggest horror was the public unmasking, as with the Tasi family, where just because one of them did not clap his hands for Enver’s speech, the angry crowd hit him with …”! / Rare testimonies of Eugjen Merlika

By Eugjen Merlika The fifth part                                            A life under dictatorship                                         Memories of a "class enemy"                                    Continued from...

Me Teper
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